Northland Course and Event Scheduler


Welcome to Northland’s new course and event scheduling program!  Please login with your StarID to browse events, search for available rooms, or make a reservation.

For assistance while completing the request, click on the blue question mark for step by step instructions. 

There are certain rooms that need approval from designated employees: 

ØEGF Commons and Front Foyer: Karen Meine 793-2801/Cory Feller 683-8633
ØTRF Commons & Cafeteria: Cory Feller 683-8633/Julie Fenning 793-2463
ØTRF Gym & Wrestling Room: Paul Peterson 683-8556/Clinton Castle 683-8600
ØTRF Student Center: Jason Pangiarella 683-8548
ØEGF Student Resource Room 346: Susie Harrie 793-2527
ØRoseau Site Classrooms: Cory Feller 683-8633
ØAfter Hours/Weekends: Clinton Castle 683-8600 (TRF)/Bob Gooden 793-2450 (EGF)  

Please login under "My Account" with your StarID to browse events, search for an available room, or request a room. Room requests should be submitted at least 5 business days in advance.
Need help with StarID? To activate your StarID or get help with your password, go to 

Students wishing to reserve a room should contact their Faculty Advisor or the Student Life office.

The college offers a variety rooms for use by students, staff, and the community for meetings and other special events. To inquire about room rental on all campuses, contact the Scheduling Office at 218-793-2463.

To FIND an event, simply click on “Browse" and choose "Browse for Space”. Use the arrows at the top left to navigate to the date you wish to viewUse the filter option on the right side of the menu bar to narrow your search for a specific event, sponsoring group, or event time/location.

To PLAN an event, look  to find out what other events are happening on campus around the same time you would like to have your event.  This can help you coordinate timing to take advantage of increased traffic from other events and avoid competing with another event that might draw people away from your event.

To SCHEDULE an event, you first need to log in with your Star ID under “My Account.” Once you are logged into your personalized account, the “Reservations” option will appear in the menu bar above.  Clicking on “Room Scheduler" or "Video Conference Scheduler” under the Reservations options opens a simple, fill-in-the-blanks form that will get you on your way to scheduling spaces and resources. 

To RETURN to this page at any time, simply click on the NCTC logo in the top left corner.

Please contact Cory Feller (ext. 8633) with questions.